Buld a Bloody Mary Bar

Build a Bloody Mary Bar

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It's fun, it's trendy and it can make your next event as unforgettable as the award-winning taste of a Major Peters' Bloody Mary.

It all starts with America's best tasting Bloody Mary Mix - Major Peters' in all varieties. Why? Because variety is not only the spice of life, it's also the key to a successful Bloody Mary Bar.

Then, put out a selection of flavored and regular vodkas, and invite your guests to create their own Bloody Mary from an array of garnishes and condiments - all made with their favorite style of Major Peters' Bloody Mary Mix.

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Your Customized Bloody Mary Bar Can Be Created In Three Simple Steps:

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Step One
Major Peters' Bloody Mary Mix: Original, Hot & Spicy, The Works

Major Peters' Bloody Mary Bar Mixes

Whether they're craving a classic taste or in the mood for something spicy, your guests are covered with three unique Major Peters' flavors:

The taste that started the Major Peters' sensation.

Hot & Spicy
Turning up the heat on the everyday Bloody Mary.

The Works
More of everything you love for a fully-loaded taste experience.

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Step Two


A great Bloody Mary Bar includes classic vodka, as well as flavored varieties like pepper and citrus. But why stop there? Gin and other spirits create even more possibilities, and a premium tequila makes a Bloody Maria thatís out of this world.

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Step Three


And now for the finishing touches. Dazzle your guests with a variety of fresh ingredients that will allow them to make a Bloody Mary they can truly call their own. The Major recommends the following classic garnishes to get you started:

Bloody Mary Bar Garnishes

The great thing about a Bloody Mary Bar is that you can customize it and make it your own. Unusual or distinctive garnishes can really generate buzz, so be creative! One of the Major's favorites is Olive it® Brand Stuffed Olives. With exciting varieties like Blue

Bloody Mary Bar Garnish: Olives

Cheese, Garlic & Jalapeño and Red Hot Turkish Pepper, these stuffed beauties are the perfect complement to the unmatched taste of a Major Peters' Bloody Mary. Order them now at olivelovers.com


Important Tips To Keep Your Guests Coming Back For More

  • Keep your Bloody Mary Bar area clean
  • Refresh ingredients often
  • Have napkins, stir sticks and other essentials at the ready
  • Keep your setup organized and easy to navigate

For a printable version of this setup guide with a suggested layout diagram, click here.

Cheers And Good Luck From Major Peters!
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