I have been to the four corners of the earth, seeking out the finest botanicals, the most succulent fruits, the most piquant herbs and spices for my specialties.

As I salied forth from the East, the deeds of chivalry far from behind me, I came upon a lucrative undertaking the likes of which my liege had never before seen. God save her. Seemingly, the natives of this prosperous land had heard tales of my trade and offered a rich bounty for my undaunted services.

Staking my claim in New York, I began to yield massive amounts of my worldly concoctions with the assistance of several distinguished knights-errant. Soon these mixtures, along with my valorous squires, made their way across the continent and into prevalent pubs, inns and markets.

To compete for my notoriety, certain rivals would endlessly peddle their expensive brews on a daily basis. Yet, to my surmise, nary a one could rival the high quality ingredients or distinctive flavours found in my Beverage Specialties!