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Major Peters’ Bubble Gum - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters’ Red Beer - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters’ Black and Tan - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters’ La Bomba - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters’ Son of a Peach - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Old San Juan - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Cosmopolitan - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Pie in the Sky - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Red Snapper - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Bloody Bull - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Red Devil - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Sweet Red Pepper - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Bloody Swedish Blonde - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Italian Bloody Maria - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Bayou Bloody Caesar - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Ginza Bloody Mary - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Grape Crush - (Containing Alcohol)

The Perfect Whiskey Sour - (Containing Alcohol)

The Perfect Mai Tai - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Hawaiian Highball - (Containing Alcohol)

The Perfect Old Fashioned - (Containing Alcohol)

Wild Irish Rose - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Major Kamikaze - (Containing Alcohol)

The Perfect Strawberry Daiquiri - (Containing Alcohol)

The Perfect Peters' Pina Colada - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Blue Moon-A-Rita - (Containing Alcohol)

The Perfect Margarita - (Containing Alcohol)

The Perfect Bloody Mary - (Containing Alcohol)

The Major Peters' Tequila Maria - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Strawberry Margarita - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Gin and Tonic - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Bloody Mary - (Containing Alcohol)

Peters' Cold Pizza - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Dirty Bloody Martini - (Containing Alcohol)

Bloody Good French - (Containing Alcohol)

Coconutty Cosmopolitan - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Spidey - (Containing Alcohol)

Senor Peters' Bloody Mary - (Containing Alcohol)

Merry Mary Punch - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Sangrita - (Containing Alcohol)

London Ice Tea - (Containing Alcohol)

Major Peters' Hurricane - (Containing Alcohol)

Pink Lime Cocktail - (Containing Alcohol)

Caribbean Smuggler - (Containing Alcohol)

Peters' Planter Punch - (Containing Alcohol)

Bayside Bloody Maria - (Containing Alcohol)

Tom Collins - (Containing Alcohol)

Vodka Gimlet - (Containing Alcohol)

Rum Swizzle - (Containing Alcohol)

Mojito From Scratch - (Containing Alcohol)

The OTHER Whiskey Sour - (Containing Alcohol)

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